A welcome smile

Situated in the historical centre of Lugo di Ravenna, Hotel Ala d’Oro is located in the area of Bassa Romagna, in the provincial administration of Ravenna, and it is well connected to the main communications. Due to its logistical placement and to its facilities, our territory is the natural link among different areas, as Ravenna (town and harbour), Imola, Bologna (town and airport), A14 highway and E45 highway; it’s a sort of Middle Earth between the Adriatic Sea and the Appennini mountains.

The palace in which the hotel is located was built because of the will of Earl Giovanni Rossi during the first half of XVIII century. As the chronicles tell, Earl Rossi “built in St. Agostino’s quarter the most beautiful palace in Lugo”.

Our family is leading Hotel Ala d’Oro with unchanged passion since 1952, and we have an idea we grew fond of: this Hotel is our second home. The palace is an elegant and sophisticated residence in the heart of Emilia – Romagna, a comfortable and cared place in which we are welcoming You with all the famous typical hospitality of Romagna.

You can also taste our passion for tradition in our restaurant, where the pasta is handmade by our “sfoglina”: the famous Cappelletti pasta in chicken stock is our pride. Fish and meat dishes depend on the seasons change and we choose only the best ingredients of Romagna for You.

The hotel is the ideal reference for all the people who are travelling for business: our rooms are all equipped with the most recent technologies; moreover, we have available one meeting room with 180 seats and another meeting room, which is smaller, but perfect for confidential meetings.

Health Service is another excellence of our area, too. Less than 10 minutes far from the Hotel Ala d’Oro, there is Maria Cecilia Hospital. We offer a daily free shuttle bus that connects the hotel to the hospital.

Out little town is not only known for what is above mentioned, but also for sport. Bicycle race “Giro di Romagna”, which has been won by Fausto Coppi, Fiorenzo Magni and Ercole Baldini, is the only race in Italy that starts and finishes in the same town: Lugo. In addition to it, nearby the hotel our guests have the chance to go out for a walk or using the bike to go sightseeing the beauty of our countryside and enjoy the quietness of the place.