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For four years now, our hotel has housed the ‘Literary Café’, a cultural event that includes the presentation of books, poetry readings, social evenings, conferences, photographic exhibitions, together with wine tasting from the most important Italian cellars.

Started with the collaboration of the local administration, the Trisi library and the Alfabeta bookshop, in its first two years’ of life, the ‘Literary Café’ has already welcomed important figures from the Italian literary scene, such as Gianpaolo Pansa.

Gillo Dorfles, Philippe Daverio, Carlo Lucarelli, Paolo Crepet, Massimo Fini, Luciano Canfora, Benedetta Craveri, Antonia Arslan, Remo Remotti, Magdi Allam, Giuseppe Ayala, Nando Dalla Chiesa, Vincenzo Cerami etc..

Visit www.caffeletterariolugo.it for a schedule of events.