Holiday at the thermal baths: Riolo Terme, Castrocaro, la Terra del Sole and Bertinoro

25 km from Lugo, from a beautiful panoramic road, you can reach another ancient village with thermal baths: Riolo Terme, with its beautiful 1388 fortress. Here, it would appear that the water cult was practised right from ancient times: a votive deposit was found in Borgo Rivola, preserved in the Imola museum, in the famous Tiberio cave, a cavern of chalky rock.

There is another thermal baths in the area, Castrocaro Terme, an ancient village, once a fortress, that is today also famous for its song festival. The mediaeval village was enclosed by three circles of walls, but today only five doors remain. The remains of the ancient fortress absolutely must be seen.

A little outside Castrocaro, visit the famous Terra del Sole: a little fortified sixteenth century town, ordered by Cosimo de’ Medici and designed as the ideal towns so much talked about during the Renaissance, with the ‘man’s size’ proportions indicated by the great Leonardo.

To conclude the panoramic tour of the thermal villages of this hilly area, just a few kilometres outside Cesena, head for Bertinoro, one of the most evocative towns of Romagna, and quite rightly referred to as ‘the balcony’, because from here you can gaze over a vast area from Forlì to Cesena, down to the sea. Of all the beautiful aspects of this ancient village, we must mention a more recent construction, that is a real monument, the ‘Ca’ de Be’’ (in Romagna-speak meaning the ‘house of drink’): temple of wines, the history of wine can be read here through a collection of tools and documents.

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