In the discovery of Imola: with sport, culture and food

Along Via Emilia in the direction of Bologna, 20 km from Lugo, we have Imola, of very remote origins (many findings and archaeological digs have been uncovered here, dating back to times even pre-Roman). There were battles and houses, including the Sforza and the Borgia, who called Leonardo Da Vinci to design new defensive systems. The fortress is significant, ordered by Alidosi in the 14th century and restored in the 15th century by the Sforza family.

A walk through the historic centre, will reveal many appreciated surprises: Renaissance, Baroque and nineteenth century palaces and many, many churches from mediaeval times onwards. Imola has now also become famous for its musical vocation: apart from the very famous ‘Imola in musica’, a sort of busker’s festival held each year in June, the town also houses the Piano Academy ‘Incontri col maestro’ that has gathered international success stories for 20 years now.

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