Dozza: visit the Painted Wall and Regional Wine Cellars of Emilia Romagna

30 kilometres from Lugo, on the hills, we have pretty little Dozza, the town with the painted wall, called such due to the international competition held here every two years at the start of September, where painters fresco the walls of the buildings, leaving their works there to the benefit of those walking through this ambiance, that seems almost surreal. The fortress is also very pretty indeed, ordered by Caterina Sforza in 1494 on the base of defence buildings dating back to 1250. Today, this is home to, amongst others, the Emilia Romagna Regional Wine Cellars, displaying and selling more than 800 different wine labels, in addition to other products famous for their quality and variety: distilled spirits, balsamic vinegars, and other such specialities.

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