A look at the history of Romagna Lugo (Ravenna)

Lugo can boast ancient origins: Plinio il Vecchio mentions it in his Historiae Mundi, and its name derives from Lucus, a vast forest near which the town rose up at the time of Roman colonisation. It saw many different patrons come and go: archbishops and Bologna-born lords, the Visconti, Polenta, Este families, until in 1598, when the Pope took possession, together with the town of Ferrara.

History and tradition also speak of an Israeli community, who put down roots here in the 13th century, building a ghetto in 1639. The famous market is also discussed in official documents dating back to 1437, which governed the collection of duties. This same document shows just how faithful to tradition the community remained: “I open the New Gate, where it is usual to do so, on the day of Wednesday of each week”.

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