Visit Ferrara, discover its events and monuments

Ferrara is a true jewel, by no coincidence declared by Unesco as Heritage of Humanity, and has a lot to offer, in terms of architectonic works, culture and events. With regards to the latter, do not miss the last Sunday in May, the historic Palio di Ferrara, the Mille Miglia and the summer music festival Ferrara Sotto le Stelle, as well as the famous Ferrara Buskers’ Festivals at the end of August. Finally, the more recent, but now famous Ferrara Balloons Festival (end September), the largest Italian hot air balloon festival. The area is also famous for its wonderful food: Ferrara bread is, for example, considered the best.

From an architectonic viewpoint, enjoy this pretty town made to man’s size, on foot or by bicycle. Ferrara is ideally divided into two parts: to the south of the castle, we have the mediaeval part, to the north the Herculean addition, with large palaces and wide roads. The main attraction is, without a doubt the castle, still in an excellent state of preservation and with the moat filled with water. Just a short way away, the Cathedral of S. Giorgio (12th-14th century), is well worth visiting. 9 kilometres of the characteristic walls that surrounded the historic centre still remain from the Renaissance period. Palazzo Schifanoia (end 14th century) is significant, with the Sala dei Mesi, and we must also mention Palazzo di Ludovico il Moro (15th century), Palazzo Massari with its park, and, above all the spectacular Palazzo dei Diamanti (15th-16th century) with the characteristic facade created with ‘diamond cut’ marble blocks. If you love quality cinema, you can find little clips from famous films, including Al di là delle nuvole (Antonioni – Wenders), Il Giardino dei Finzi-Contini (previously a book set here) di De Sica, and Il mestiere delle armi (Olmi).

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