Visit the Pomposa abbey and the Mesola forest

Continuing along the Romea road towards Chioggia, just a little more than an hour’s drive from Lugo, you will meet roads that do all they can to make these places even more characteristic: large swamp reed houses with sloping roofs, silent, solitary atmospheres, on to the Pomposa abbey, one of the oldest monastic complexes of Italy (the original base existed back in the 6th century), together with its basilica and bell tower (8th-10th Century), the Benedictine monastery with refectory and the region's headquarters.

Continuing on, you skirt around the Mesola forest, the last remaining part of the luxurious coastal forest of the Pianura Padana that stretched from Ravenna to Aquileia. In 1977, the area was awarded the status of nature reserve, and access is thus regulated, and only allowed at certain times on given days, and absolutely only by bicycle or on foot.

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