Visit Faenza and the ceramics: what to see and know

Reaching Via Emilia, from Lugo you will come out at around Faenza (20 km from Lugo), an internationally famous town for its ceramics, of which its name is, in itself, the proof: Faience, in fact, is the term with which majolica is universally referred. The International ceramics museum is well worth a visit: founded in 1908, its 30 rooms house collections that date from Mediaeval times through to current day.

But Faenza also has attractive architectonic works. The historic centre is a jewel in its own right: the beautiful Piazza del Popolo, flanked by nineteenth century double-row porticos, is a model designed by Leon Battista Alberti. The monumental cathedral (1400-1500) rises up from Piazza della Libertà, together with the monumental fountain and the clock tower. And the splendid palaces that rose up along the main roads between the 1700s and early 1800s should not be ignored either: note Palazzo Milzetti, Palazzo Gessi and Palazzo Laderchi.

There are many different churches dating back to Romanesque times and through to the 1600s. If you happen to be in Faenza towards the end of June, do not miss the traditional jousting of the Palio del Niballo, that recreates a renaissance palio (or contest) involving a confrontation between the 5 districts of the town.

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